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Ruth Graham

Age: 32

I am a caring person ,love god, i believe in helping people,

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Gadrie Bombay

Age: 31

Am a nice guy looking for nice friend who are more responsive to lean for them in all aspect of life.

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Age: 31

Am a nice you looking for responsible friends to learn more for them in all aspects of life

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Age: 15

I want a girl that is 13-16 years old

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Age: 15

I like baseball and talking to girls

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jeff zhervelokov

Age: 21

Im a mma fighter and collage wrestler i also do sambo judo and kyokushin karate

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Age: 20

Am alexa grace

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Age: 25

I am a nice looking girl i am a nice looking girl i am a nice looking girl

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Age: 24

I am a nice looking girl

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Mugumya Anthony

Age: 18

Medium black man

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Jaas Grondahl

Age: 60

Originally from norway and currently living and working in scotland uk

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Mary Agricola

Age: 39

Very gentle in all activities and would love to meet a man who have a big heart of warmly reception

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Age: 45

I teach english as a second language. i have black hair and green eyes. i am also studying information technology

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Age: 45

I teach english as a second language and i have long black hair and green eyes and i am single. i am at the moment stu

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Age: 31

I am a woman with baggage and i am not talking about my son; he is my treasure and my joy. i am talking about all the kn

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