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Age: 15

I want to make friends

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Age: 18-70

I am a healthy and simple young man by nature. seeking for a serious lady or woman for a strong and healthy relationship

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Age: 21

I love you back

  • 716

Michael Owusu

Age: 23

Am cool,loving,caring

  • 688

Mugumya Anthony

Age: 18

Medium black man

  • 939


Age: 20

A medium size,cute,handsome and a very lovely man

  • 972

Raymond Lartey

Age: 23

Hey everyone, here to meet new pals

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Age: 20

Hello i am here to make friends

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Age: 22

Hi ,my name is romany , i respect and love all people and i want to know new good friends

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Age: 22

Hi , my name is romany , i love and respect all people and hoping to find new good friends

  • 465


Age: 20

Looking to meet good people

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Age: 20

Hello i am here to make friends

  • 1323

Spark Markey

Age: 20

An average size man, gentle,kind and loving type

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Age: 21

Looking for fun over email or on instagram or snapchat email me if interested!

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